Interior Painting Trends of 2022

Interior Painting Trends of 2022

Paint color can completely transform the look and feel of any space in your home. Color is one of the most powerful visual tools that can pull at our emotions and dictate the way we interact with a space. In 2022, the trending theme for interior paint seems to be colors that bring a sense of calm and comfort. If you are looking to revitalize a space in your home, and are ready for a touch of serenity, you’ll love the top trending colors of this year.

Trending Colors 

When it comes to choosing interior paint for your home, the possibilities are truly endless, which can be both inspiring and daunting. You’ll want to pick out both main colors and accent colors, with special consideration for the palette of any existing furniture or art you plan to have in that room. Your walls need not match your couch exactly, but you want to choose a color that doesn’t clash with or detract from your décor and one that you’re confident you can continue to enjoy for years to come. Some of the most popular colors in 2022 include:

  • Brown-toned grays – This earthy color palette is all about feeling cozy and natural. It is perfect for family rooms and bedrooms.
  • Creamy Whites – White, in general, is a popular paint color every year. If you’ve ever been to a paint store, however, you already know that white can come in countless shades and depths. This year, creamy white is a leading color selection among homeowners. Also known as a vintage white, this color offers a calm, subdued vibe that brighter, more clinical whites simply don’t match. This warm white is perfect for a living room, bedroom, or study. It also works great as an accent shade alongside bolder colors.
  • Terracotta – This rich color that evokes the desert is both warm and earthy. It is perfect for rooms that see a lot of traffic. It works great as a primary color for those who are looking to make a bold statement and also works as a stunning accent color for adding subtle pops of alluring earth tones.

Let the Experts Handle It

Painting can sound like a simple, fun DIY opportunity until you’re dripping that trendy creamy white paint onto your favorite dark brown chair. For a stress-free, world class paint job, it’s best to turn to the experts. 360° Painting will work with you to understand your vision and achieve the perfect look for any room of your home. Contact us with any questions, or to schedule your next painting project.