Refresh Your Home This Summer With Paint

Refresh Your Home This Summer With Paint

If you want to update your home and give it a fresh new look, paint is an affordable way to make old things look new again. When considering your paint options, here are a few ideas that can make a big impact on your home.

The Outside of Your Home

The first idea to consider is the outside of the home, if you’re not quite ready to invest in painting the entire exterior, you may find that updating window shutters and trim can make a huge difference on a modest budget. A new color will make them look fresh and new.

Using contrasting colors can add a modern look, whereas staying in your current color pallet can keep things classic. For a fun and unexpected look, try using a bright contrasting color on the front door to draw attention to it. Also, consider having your indoor window trim painted in a bright white for a clean fresh look that can brighten any home.

Baseboards and Doors

Baseboards give a finished look to your wall, but they also take regular abuse — from bumps and kicks to scuffs and more. Painting them with a fresh coat of paint can give them new life. For a bright, clean look, you might consider white paint.

The interior doors are also an often overlooked but underestimated piece of home décor. They might be a standard white or natural wood color. But if you’re looking for a way to spruce things up, try adding an unexpected color, add a pattern, or just simply repaint them with white paint.

The Walls

For an obvious and large-scale change to the interior of your home, add a fresh coat of paint to the walls. A new color of paint can transform your space, brighten it up, make it appear much larger, or completely change the style and mood of your home. Even a fresh coat of the same color can brighten the room.

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