Three Tips for Picking an Exterior Paint Color

Three Tips for Picking an Exterior Paint Color

Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time to rethink your exterior paint color. Don’t dread this process—it can be creative and fun! The following three tips will help you choose a color that makes your home look chic and unique to your style.

Match Your Color With Non-Painted Surfaces

When thinking about painting our homes, we often forget that the new color must match the unpainted surfaces around the painted area. Consider any trim, brick, or natural materials you may not be painting to avoid clashing colors. Pick a color that shares an undertone with those surfaces to complement them. This will prevent your home from becoming either a tacky eyesore or an assortment of colors.

Use Softer Colors

You may love bright and vibrant colors, but they may not be the best choice to paint your house. To avoid looking harsh or distasteful, it is best to use neutral and soft colors outside your home. However, if you want to brighten the exterior of your home, you have options. You could paint your door a fun accent color or add brightly colored elements to the exterior of your home. You can also mute a brighter color to a more neutral tone.

When Picking White Exterior Paint, Don’t Pick the Brightest Shade

Picking the lightest white may seem like a bright idea, but these colors can be blinding to the eyes in the sun. It is best to choose beige or gray whites on your home to mute the brightness. The color will still appear light and white, but you won’t need to wear sunglasses to look at it.

Professionals Are Here to Help

It can be challenging to pick a color for your home. Keep these tips and tricks about matching and muting colors in mind to help guide you to the right decision. At Painting Central Texas, we are here to help you with your painting needs. Contact us today for a quote for your exterior painting.