Three Home Improvement Musts This Summer

Three Home Improvement Musts This Summer

This summer, you may notice a couple of places that you’d like to see touched up around the house. Or perhaps you’re moving homes and have relocated to a bit of a fixer upper. Regardless of whether you’ve been in your home for years or if you’re upgrading it to be the perfect home for you, these are three focal points you won’t want to miss this summer.

Exterior Painting and HOA-Approved Painting

If you’re one of the aforementioned new home buyers hoping to improve the look of your new home and are looking to improve it, you can start here. Your neighborhood may also feature a homeowners’ association (HOA). The HOA aims to keep a consistent appearance throughout your area. This means there may be some strict regulations on what you may and may not do to alter your home’s outward appearance. This can be frustrating to many new homeowners, but 360° Painting can follow your HOA’s guidelines.

Even if your home isn’t in an HOA, we can still help to revitalize its exterior with new paint.

Cabinet Resurfacing

Over years of use, cabinets can become quite worn. Resurfacing cabinets allows contractors to strip away the old, peeling cabinet faces and replace them with high-quality, long-lasting varnish. Your cabinets will still have the same character and charm, but they won’t appear to be neglected.

Interior Painting

When you feel like the inside of your home needs a touch-up, a fresh coat of paint is one of the first moves to make. Liven up an entire space by expertly applying a bright focal wall or diffusing an area with more monotone colors. The options for painting the inside of your home are endless! Being surrounded by the same dull walls day after day gets boring — even exhausting. Choosing to add a splash of color could be the change you’re looking for. 

When looking for expertly applied, high-quality paint in the Waco, Texas area, look no further than 360° Painting. Get in touch with us today!