Maintaining Your Exterior Paint Job

Maintaining Your Exterior Paint Job

We recommend minor annual paint maintenance to extend the life of your exterior home paint. This will not only keep the exterior paint on your home looking fresh, but it also will prolong the time between full re-paintings.

Other Benefits of Annual Paint Maintenance

When you properly care for the paint outside your home, you reap several important benefits. For example, exterior paint upkeep prevents potential moisture damage, wood rot, and other wear and tear that can occur during seasonal weather changes.

Hidden Benefits

These types of professional services are great for maintaining your home’s exterior physically, in addition to aesthetically. Reputable professional painters will repair wood, replace wood, sand rough areas, and clean exterior surfaces when necessary to prepare for painting. This is essential for the paint to adhere properly and smoothly to the surface.

Have Your Home Always Looking Its Best

Perhaps you’re getting the façade of your home ready to put your home up for sale. Maybe you just want your home to look well-cared for. Either way, annual home painting maintenance will enhance the overall appearance of your home.  

Alternatives to Annual Home Paint Maintenance

Another way to keep your paint looking clean on the exterior of your home is to pressure wash it once per year. This removes stains and debris but shouldn’t damage the paint or finishes. It will keep your paint looking as good as new.

When to Repaint Your Home

Homeowners in colder climates will need a full repaint job on the exterior sooner than homes in milder climates. Furthermore, a full paint job will last longer on stucco than wood siding. On average, homeowners should expect to repaint their homes every 6 to 10 years. 

If you’re ready for a full exterior paint job or just need a touchup, 360° Painting can provide that. Contact us today and get a quote from a professional painter.