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Cabinet Resurfacing in Groesbeck, TX

A central goal of kitchen remodeling is to refresh and upgrade your cabinets. Cabinets are one of the most prominent fixtures in your kitchen, and their condition can have a dramatic impact on the space’s appearance. In fact, some kitchen remodeling projects will only involve changing the look of a homeowner’s cabinets.

Your reflex might be to demolish your cabinets and have them replaced, but consider: are your cabinets sturdy and in good condition, structurally? If the answer is “yes,” then you should think twice before having them replaced. Instead, your best bet may be cabinet resurfacing, sometimes known as cabinet refacing.

If you’re tired of the way your current cabinets look but don’t want to deal with the hassle and cost of replacement, contact 360° Painting in Groesbeck, TX about our cabinet resurfacing services.

Why Come to 360° Painting for Cabinet Resurfacing in Groesbeck?

Residents of the Groesbeck, Texas area have relied on 360° Painting for resurfacing and painting services for years.

We approach every project with three core values in mind: quality, professionalism, and service. We want you to receive the kitchen cabinets of your dreams, but we also want the process to be worry-free.

What is Cabinet Resurfacing & Why Should I Have It Done?

You don’t need to replace your cabinetry to drastically alter the look of your kitchen. Instead, you can have your cabinets resurfaced.

The goal of this process is to replace the cabinets’ doors, drawer fronts, and veneer, sometimes known as the “skins” of your cabinets. Hardware is also commonly replaced during the resurfacing process, and this could include the cabinets’ drawer pulls, handles, and hinges.

Resurfacing is a cost-friendly alternative to a traditional cabinet replacement. It’s also a relatively quick and simple process; when you have your resurfacing performed by a professional, the process could take as few as two to four days.

If you want to learn more about cabinet resurfacing services in the Groesbeck area, contact 360° Painting today.

Can Any Cabinets Be Resurfaced?

Some kitchen cabinets are fantastic candidates for resurfacing, although others may need to be replaced – it all depends on the condition of your cabinets.

Older cabinets tend to be sturdier, which actually works to their benefit. Cabinets with a sturdy plywood box, for instance, are easier to resurface than a lighter, factory-made cabinet box. Cabinet boxes that are both smooth and in good condition are the best candidates for resurfacing.

If your cabinets have face frames constructed out of hardwood, they’re also likely to be good candidates for resurfacing.

Finally, it’s important that any internal hardware components (including storage elements and drawer tracks) are in decent shape. If your cabinets are currently lacking in storage accessories or shelving, they may not be the best fit for resurfacing services.

Cabinet Resurfacing by 360° Painting in Groesbeck, TX

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