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Cabinet Resurfacing in Hillsboro, TX

If you’re not a fan of your current cabinets, it could be time to hire 360° Painting in Hillsboro for resurfacing services.

But why would you decide to resurface your cabinets, rather than have them replaced? Kitchen renovations are expensive enough as it is, and cabinet replacement can be one of the most costly parts. Not only that, but when you replace your cabinets, this can impact the overall layout of your kitchen. If the current layout suits your needs, this can be a disappointing outcome.

That’s where cabinet resurfacing comes into play. By resurfacing your kitchen cabinets, they’ll look brand-new – for a fraction of the cost. With resurfacing, you’re only making alternations to your current cabinets, but it will look like you’ve had new units installed.

What Does the Resurfacing Process Look Like?

Before having your cabinets resurfaced in Hillsboro, it’s good to know what you should expect.

With resurfacing, you’re having the “skins” of your cabinets replaced. This means that the drawer fronts and doors will be removed, and a fresh veneer will be applied to the cabinet’s body. Handles, hinges, and drawer pulls can also be replaced during resurfacing.

Generally, the resurfacing process looks something like this:

  1. Remove the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, keeping what’s left of the drawer box as-is.
  2. Cover the front part of each cabinet box in veneer.
  3. Skin the sides of the cabinet with laminate or wood veneer.
  4. Add brand-new hinges to the doors, if needed.
  5. Install the new drawer fronts and doors.
  6. Install the new fixtures, including handles and drawer pulls.
  7. If desired, install any new accessories – this could include glass panels, crown molding, or different kinds of storage accessories.

Can Any Cabinet Be Resurfaced?

Although many kitchen cabinets are a good fit for resurfacing, this isn’t always the case.

This doesn’t necessarily relate to the age of your cabinets, however – for instance, many older cabinets are actually great resurfacing candidates. That’s because the older cabinet boxes are often sturdier when compared to newer boxes, which are typically less durable and manufactured in a factory, rather than by hand. This means that older cabinet boxes are well-equipped to receive new doors and veneers.

When determining whether a cabinet is a good resurfacing candidate, consider the following:

  • Is the cabinet box sturdy and made of MDF panels or plywood? These materials should also be in good condition.
  • Are the face frames constructed out of solid hardwood? A high-quality hardwood frame is more likely to accept veneers. These face frames are also better suited for anchoring new doors.
  • Is the internal hardware (including internal storage components and drawer tracks) in an adequate shape?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, your cabinets are probably a good fit for resurfacing.

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