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Cabinet Resurfacing in Killeen, Texas

Even if your kitchen cabinets are in good structural shape, this doesn’t mean that you’re a fan of their appearance or functionality. In this situation, it can seem like a traditional cabinetry replacement is the only option – but that is far from the case.

You wouldn’t dispose of a decent car because you’re tired of its paint color. In a similar vein, there’s no need to tear out all of your cabinets and start fresh because you don’t like the way they look.

Cabinet resurfacing is a fantastic option for homeowners looking to avoid the cost and hassle of cabinet replacement, while still ending up with fixtures that look brand-new.

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What is Cabinet Resurfacing?

Also known as cabinet refacing, cabinet resurfacing is the best way to refresh your kitchen cabinets and have them look brand-new, without any major renovations.

A traditional cabinet replacement is costly and can lead to a major inconvenience in your home. With resurfacing, you could pay around half as much as you would for a replacement. It’s also a much simpler and quicker process, with an average cabinet resurfacing project taking just two to four days.

The crux of resurfacing involves replacing the “skins” of your kitchen cabinets, rather than the whole fixture. This means that the doors and drawer fixtures will be removed (and later replaced), and a new veneer will be applied to the cabinet’s current body.

During cabinet resurfacing, it’s also possible to replace old or outdated hardware such as hinges, handles, or drawer pulls. Finally, the project can be rounded out by applying new accessories as desired; this could include lighting, glass panels, or crown molding.

Why Should I Invest in Cabinet Resurfacing?

There are several perks to choosing cabinet resurfacing over replacement.

Resurfacing is a much more affordable process, assuming your cabinets are sturdy and in a sufficient structural condition.

If your kitchen’s current layout is well-suited to your needs, resurfacing makes it easier to keep that layout intact. When you have new cabinets installed, it’s possible that this will modify the way your kitchen is set up.

Because everyone’s style is different, resurfacing allows for a wide range of possibilities. You can choose from dozens of potential veneers, which exist for both laminates and woods.

Finally, if environmentalism is one of your priorities, then resurfacing is a fantastic option. When you have cabinets replaced, you’re probably sending your current fixtures to a landfill. This is damaging because more trees need to be cut down to make new cabinets. Furthermore, many cabinet boxes are constructed using the formaldehyde-containing substance, MDF. When possible, it’s a good idea to keep this hazardous chemical out of landfills.

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