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Cabinet Resurfacing in West, TX

If you’re a resident of West, TX and have decided it’s time for a kitchen remodel, the project can seem overwhelming. One of the most daunting parts of a remodeling project, though, is the cabinets.

Even if you don’t like the current look of your kitchen cabinets, this doesn’t mean you need to demolish them and start from square one. Cabinet replacement is a major renovation – it’s both expensive and can cause a major inconvenience in your house.

Depending on the structural condition of your existing cabinets, it may be possible to resurface them, rather than replace everything. When you resurface your kitchen cabinets, you can end up with a product that looks brand new, but without all the inconvenience and cost of a traditional replacement.

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What Does It Mean to Resurface Cabinets?

Resurfacing (or refacing) cabinets is actually quite a straightforward process, especially compared to a full replacement.

Rather than demolishing your existing cabinets, the resurfacing professional will be swapping out the “skins” – this includes the doors and drawer fronts. A fresh veneer will then be applied to the body of the cabinet.

To improve the look and functionality of your cabinets even further, it’s possible for hardware to be replaced. For example, this could involve replacing the hinges, drawer pulls, or handles.

If you’re interested in having other accessories installed (such as storage accessories, lighting, or glass panels), this can also be done toward the end of the process.

Why Should I Resurface My Cabinets Instead of Replacing Them?

A traditional cabinetry replacement is a massive renovation. If you opt instead for resurfacing, you’re able to save yourself money, stress, and time.

Cabinet resurfacing is a relatively quick process. A professional can usually resurface someone’s cabinets in around two to four days. This is much faster than having cabinets torn out and replaced.

If you enjoy the existing layout of your kitchen, resurfacing your cabinets could be the better option. Because you’re keeping your existing cabinet boxes, you don’t need to worry about the layout of the space changing.

No matter your style, it’s possible to have cabinets resurfaced to suit your tastes. There are many style options for you to choose from, including an array of different laminate and natural wood veneers.

How Do I Tell If My Cabinets Can Be Resurfaced?

If your current kitchen cabinets have structural issues and aren’t in the best condition, resurfacing may not be the best option. Cabinets that are lacking in storage or have hardware that’s in poor condition also aren’t the best candidates for resurfacing. In these cases, a traditional replacement could be the top possibility.

Alternatively, if your cabinets are structurally sound and have good-quality hardware, they’re likely good candidates for resurfacing.

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