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Exterior painting is a task that can be quite daunting, especially if you have never done it before. It takes time, patience, and the right equipment. It also takes knowing exactly what to do. For most people, the juice is not worth the squeeze in terms of the amount of time and effort that it takes to do the painting yourself. On top of that, there is no guarantee that you will even get a good result.

The best thing to do is to get in touch with a professional painting contractor from 360° Painting. We have been providing highly satisfactory exterior painting services in the West, TX area for many years now. We are experts at what we do and can easily handle any size project.

Our work is done to the highest standards, and we always provide a written quote before we start. You can rest assured that you will get your money’s worth and more when you hire us.

How Do I Know When It’s Time to Update My Exterior Paint Color?

A few signs can indicate it is time for your home’s exterior paint to be updated. For example, if you just moved into a new home and find that its exterior paint is flaking or peeling, it could be time to freshen up the color.

Another sign that you should consider updating your exterior paint color is if it looks dirty or dingy. If the paint on your house’s exterior looks dirty, then it is time to give it a professional cleaning and find a new color that will bring the house back to life.

Choosing the right color for your home is an important decision, but it can be difficult if you are not sure what to go with.

Choosing What Color Paint to Use on the Exterior of Your Home

Choosing what color to paint your home is a big decision, and it is one that you should not take lightly. We all know that painting your home exterior is necessary to keep the house looking good and to protect it from the elements, but it is also as important that it looks aesthetically pleasing to you and your family.

Popular color options include:

  • White: A popular choice, white is a classic color that has been used for many years. It will keep the exterior of your house cool during the summer, and it is an excellent choice that will always match your outside decor.
  • Beige: This color has risen in popularity in recent years due to its aesthetic appeal. It is a nice choice for people who don’t want to go with the traditional white, but still want something neutral and light.
  • Gray: Gray is another popular color for the exterior of homes. It helps to keep the house cool during the summer, but it also adds a stylish look to the house.
  • Teal: This color is a bit more unusual, but it is an excellent option for people looking to give their home’s exterior a unique look.
  • Red: This is a bold color choice that speaks to your individualism. It will stand out, but if the rest of your house is neutral you can offset this.

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When it’s time to update your home’s exterior paint, or if you need a color change, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals from 360° Painting. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, you can trust that we will provide stellar results that you and your entire family will cherish.

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